Nelson Type IV Yellow Metal Primer Gallon

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E&I 17 47-GL


Nelson Type IV Metal Primer is excellent on clean non galvanized metal surfaces. This primer has the highest level of corrosion resistance Nelson produces and can be used on metals that may have some surface rust that can not be easily removed.

This quick dry primer is dry hard in 4 hours and can be recoated and is dry thoroughly in 24 hours in an ideal temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity of 50%.

This primer may be lightly sanded between coats if needed. Top coat with our Nelson Alkyd Modified Polyurethane Equipment Enamel or Nelson Acrylic Equipment Enamel. This may be brushed, rolled and reduced with Xylene for spray application. Can be cleaned up with Xylene or Mineral Spirits.

Covers approximately 400 square feet per gallon depending on method of application. 128 fluid ounces packaged in a lined steel friction top steel can.

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