About Nelson Paint Company

About The Nelson Paint Company

Industry Innovation

The Nelson Paint Company is the source of many innovations in the paint industry. We invented the encapsulated, washable paintball. We also developed paint marking guns, the log hammer, as well as an extensive line of marking, industrial, marine and household paints.

Nelson Paint also manufactures mil-spec coatings, solvent and water-borne commercial and industrial coatings, epoxies, enamels, traffic paints, architectural coatings and specialty coatings. In addition, Nelson Paint produces and distributes solvents, cleaners, empty containers and paint sundries. We also perform custom toll manufacturing for clients across the United States and stand ready to assist you with your paint and chemical packaging needs.

We continue to innovate in the soft gel encapsulation industry. Nelson Paint manufactures high-quality paintballs for the sport of paintball. Nelson also manufactures less-lethal and tactical projectiles, wildlife and nuisance animal control projectiles and oil-based marking paintballs for forestry, livestock and wildlife animal marking. In addition to our other areas of expertise, Nelson Paint is an EPA-registered pesticide producing establishment.

Company History

Nelson Paint Company is a third-generation family owned business started in 1940. We have four locations across the country and in Canada to serve our international clientele of consumers, private industry, and local, state, US and foreign government customers.

Our company headquarters and retail store are located in Kingsford, Michigan. We started manufacturing in Montgomery, Alabama in 1958 to serve the deep south and southeastern coast. Another soon followed in McMinnville, Oregon in 1960 to service the western United States and most recently a plant was started in Ontario, Canada in 1987.

The Nelson Paint Company is considered the world's leading authority on marking paint products and has been serving the forest industry for more than 60 years. Nelson Paint Company's exclusive paint lines: SuperSpot, Aero Spot, Boundary Mark, Pellet Mark and Log Mark are known as the world standard in durable, bright forest marking material.


Nelson Paint researches and develops paint and encapsulation technology. We understand the challenges unique to paint and encapsulation, and, with our many years of experience, we consistently deliver a reliable product that meets our customers' needs. With multiple lines of encapsulation equipment, we possess the flexibility to produce orders of all sizes. Nelson Paint adheres to the strictest safety standards, environmental, and regulatory compliance which guarantees satisfaction.

Nelson Paint Services:

  • Custom paint solutions
  • Solvent and chemical manufacturing
  • Custom encapsulation of lubricants, adhesives, sealants and other liquid products
  • Multiple soft gel shapes and sizes
  • Research and development
  • Customer service
  • Quality assurance
  • Several line of specialty encapsulated products
  • Contract packaging

With a nationwide network of manufacturing and distribution facilities, we are committed to producing and delivering only the highest quality, service backed, customer oriented products. Let Nelson Paint use our knowledge and experience to take your concepts and ideas from the drawing board to the production line.

Contact us today for solutions to all of your industrial paint and packaging needs.

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