Nelson Boundary Mark® (Brush Type) Marking Paint Gallon

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Boundary Mark Bursh Type gallons come 4 to a case. 

Nelson Boundary Mark Brush Type Marking Paint is ideal for long-term marks and boundaries that need to stand up to both time and the elements. Use with a paint brush for easy use and application. Available only in round gallon friction-top cans.

Customer Reviews

  • Best Blazing Paint Ever!

    Posted by Dave Higgins on Sep 16th 2021

    I'm a longtime volunteer work trip leader with the Great Divide Trail Association. I've been applying paint blazes on hiking trails for almost 50 years. It's difficult to find oil-based paints nowadays, but that's all I would use since water-based paints never last more than a few years. I need a product that will last at least 20 years and still look like it was just applied. Nelson Boundary Mark brush-on paint is far superior to anything I've ever used. Our blazes are orange, and this paint just 'pops' when seen from a distance, without looking the least bit fluorescent. Better still, I've applied it in damp and cold weather and it always performs well. Highly recommended!


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