Unibond 800 Urea Adhesive Pint

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Unibond 800 is a two part liquid urea resin glue for use with the VacuPress or without. Urea resin is the industry standard for veneering glues, but most require high temperature for proper bonding.

Unibond 800 has been formulated to provide the same bond quality at room temperature, making it an excellent choice for vacuum pressing or clamping.


  • Veneering flat and curved parts
  • Bonding plastic laminates
  • Laminating curved panels and bent laminations
  • Assembly glue for furniture, cabinets, and general joinery

Distictive Properties:

  • Rigid glue line - Eliminates crazing and cold creep.
  • Low pressure bonding - Excellent gap-filling abilities up to 0.02.
  • Highly water resistant - Good for moisture sensitive areas. Neutral tan color - Suitable for lighter and medium tone woods. Availible in dark for deep tone woods. White and dark brown tints are availible for extremely blond woods as well as extra dark ones - One 8 oz. bottle of tint will color a full 5 gallon pail at full strength.
  • Adjustable set time - Set times can be altered by temperature and mixing ratios.
  • Excellent open assembly time - Perfect for large panels and multi-layered laminations where clamping pressure may be delayed.
  • Mixes easily - Does not lump - and cleans up with soap and water.
  • Low shrinkage - For maximum panel stability.

Performance Specifications:

Pot life:

  • 2 hrs at 65° F
  • 1 hr at 75° F
  • 45 min at 85° F
  • 30 min. at 95° F

Open Assembly Time:

  • 45 min at 70° F
  • 30 min at 80° F
  • 15 min at 90° F

Clamping Time:

  • 3 hrs at 70° F
  • 2 hrs at 80° F
  • 1 hr at 90° F

Shelf Life:

  • 12 mos at 60° F
  • 6 mos at 75° F
  • 3 mos at 90° F

*The above times are approximate and also are affected by mixing ratios.

To assure proper bonding, Unibond 800 should not be used below 70° F.


Customer Reviews

  • Unibond 800

    Posted by Derek on Oct 9th 2023

    Good product. My glue of choice for bamboo fly rods.

    Deducted a point because there is no manufacture date on the can so I don't know how long this has been on the shelf before I purchased it. I keep it in the refrigerator, so I should be OK.

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