Nelson Deter-It Less Lethal Animal Control Projectiles 400 Count

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Nelson Deter-It Less Lethal Projectiles are gelatin projectiles containing a proprietary dense, non-toxic, environmentally friendly liquid that is non-staining and biodegradable. The projectiles are designed to deliver approximately 17 ft/lbs. of kinetic energy to a suspect or animal and compel deterrence of undesired behavior and compliance without penetration or other serious injury.

Nelson Deter-It less Lethal Projectiles can be used with any standard .68 caliber paintball gun. Projectiles are accurate on targets up to 100 feet, have an operating range of -30 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit and have a shelf life in excess of 7 years. These projectiles are for military, law enforcement or professional institutional use and should never be aimed at a person's face, eyes, groin, throat or spine.

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