Complete Cylinder Package

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Nelson's Complete Cylinder Package is a tree marking gun user's best freind in the woods.  If your tree marking gun is clogged and won't spray easily because of dried paint, the Complete Cylinder Package will help.  The Nelson Team put all of the pieces together for you so you can change it out easily at your job site if needed.  

The Complete Cylinder Package Includes the Following:

  • Cylinder Plastic Pump
  • 1 - Lower Piston Rod
  • 1- Brass Washer
  • 2 - Cup Leathers
  • 2 - Cup Leather Washers
  • 1 - Hex Nut
  • 1- Small Stainless Steel Ball
  • 1 - Lock Washer
  • 1 - Spring Intake Valve
  • 1 - Valve Intake Body

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