Catalyst Hardener

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This Majic catalyst hardener contains a special catalytic agent that will improve regular paint hardness and gloss while decrease drying time. Majic catalyst hardener works with conventional oleoresins, alkyd, and polyurethane paints. Use this hardener to elevate the properties of your host paint.


  • Majic Catalyst Hardener
  • 8-0950-4
  • Volume: 8 Oz.
  • For use with oleoresin, alkyd or polyurethane paints
  • Speeds up drying time up to 40 percent
  • Increases paint hardness up to 30 percent
  • Increases glossy up to 10 percent
  • Improves scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Improves resistance to chemicals and solvents
  • Physical catalyst properties will vary based upon host product selection
  • Use one 8 oz. container of Catalyst Hardener to 1 gallon of paint
  • Must be used within 8 hours of mixing
  • If more than 8 oz. per gallon of catalyst is used, dry paint will crack

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