​We love our customers and their pets!

Posted by Ryan C. Holm on Apr 18th 2024

​We love our customers and their pets!

We love our customers and their pets! Read Ryan's story of how he named his new German Sheppard puppy. Ryan is a forester for VanOss Forestry in Crystal Falls, MI.

"I am a forester with VanOss Forestry, based in Crystal Falls, MI. In October of 2023, I came home from a long day of marking timber, and as always, I was covered in orange paint. When I walked through the door, my girlfriend surprised me with a 9-week-old German Shepherd. I only wanted a hot shower, but she wanted me to name him immediately. With paint on my mind, I decided to name him Nelson. I use your paint almost every day and greatly respect the quality of your product. Nelson comes to work with me occasionally and has earned his name, as he gets a healthy coating of orange by the end of the day. I wish you guys would develop a soap that gets paint out of his thick fur!"

We love Ryan's Story, and how it reflects our pet-friendly culture and how our customers rely on our quality products in the field. We appreciate seeing our products in action and cherish the joy pets bring into our lives. #nelsonpaintcompany #nelson #timbermarkingpaint #timbermarking #superspot #mansbestfreind #orange #timbercruising #vanoss #timbermanagement #landmanagement 

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