Nelson Announces Manufacturing Equipment Upgrades

Posted by Ryan C. Holm on Apr 21st 2021

Nelson Announces Manufacturing Equipment  Upgrades

The Nelson Paint Company, an industry leader in Forestry, Paintball, and Industrial Paint Manufacturing is excited to announce that we recently invested to upgrade our manufacturing equipment on our Aero Spot and Wet Rock lines. We are committed towards the future and the upgrades will help better serve our customers faster, and with less lead times.

Because of the faster production of the line, the tipper machine that inserts tips into the cans is being upgraded. During this time Nelson will place a bag of 24 (twenty-four) red tips for a wider stream and a bag of 12 (twelve) white tips for a thinner stream into the box of Aero Spot and Wet Rock for customers to insert as the tips will not be pre-inserted. The red tips are normally the tips that have been pre-inserted. This will be temporary.

Nelson appreciates your business and apologizes for any delays you may have experienced during our equipment upgrade. The upgrade took longer than anticipated because of the COVID-19 Epidemic and the inability to get needed essential personnel over the Canadian/US border.

Nelson Paint manufactures paint designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. We use formulas designed to survive blistering heat, arctic cold, bone-dry and super-humid conditions for any industrial application. Please reach out should you have any questions, or if you would like to place an order. You can visit or call (906)774-5566.

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