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DT-105 Dual Trigger Gun (metal two finger pull trigger)

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DT-105  Dual Trigger Gun (metal two finger pull trigger)

Price: $229.99

Available Now!!!!!

The Nelson DT-105 Dual Trigger Metal Gun is the newest model of tree marking and lightweight oil lubrication gun that has the best features on today's market.

With the availability of three different trigger type guns, you are able to select the version to fit your hand comfortably. With its new body design, is lighter in weight than the previously produced D-103 Gun. (All replacement parts are still available for the Model D-103!!!)

The new DT-105 Gun is more compact in its height which helps in keeping the quart upright during storage and when carrying in the woods or using in the shop.

The DT-105 series of guns are very easy to use (just prime by squeezing the trigger and go!) and provides efficient and economical tree marking or spot shoot the lube points. Attaches directly to the Nelson Tree Marking Paint quart can or a delta thread quart can with 1-3/4" opening. Constructed of durable metal with the options of a two-finger pull metal trigger, three-finger pull metal trigger or three finger pull heavy duty plastic trigger.

For an even lighter-weight version of this gun we also have available the LT-104 series of tree marking and oil lubrication guns.

We also have three nozzle sizes for this gun including:
.021 orifice HW-59 nickel plated nozzle for fan spray (The standard nozzle which comes with the gun)
.029 orifice brass plated HW-60 nozzle for stream spray and easy trigger pull
.035 orifice black brass HW-58 nozzle for stream spray and easiest trigger pull.
(These parts are immediately available in the Tree Marking Gun Parts category.)

HW-3PLT Plastic Long Trigger
HW-3MST Metal Short Trigger
HW-3MLT Metal Long Trigger